Hiring a Makeup Artist for Your Big Day!


My wedding portrait

What was one of the first things I did when I got engaged – called a makeup artist!  I knew exactly who I wanted to do my make-up for my special day and had my eye on her for a couple of years beforehand, ever since she did an excellent job on my sister’s makeup for her prom.  I even switched my wedding day to a week later because she was booked on my original wedding day.  I know this story might sound out-of-the-ordinary, but I know first-hand how make-up can have an everlasting impact on the wedding day.  After all, you want to look fabulous for years to come when you look at those expensive photographs and albums you’ve invested in!

During my initial consultation with brides, I will always ask if they’ve hired  a makeup artists for themselves and the wedding party.  At times, brides tell me that themselves or a friend might do their makeup.  I advise against this and award-winning makeup artist Orly Waldman agrees.  She knows that a professional makeup artist will make your wedding photos gorgeous. Even if you love how you do your makeup, your artist can incorporate your preference and likes!  Makeup may seem like an expense but professional artists don’t just have the skills to make you look better than your best, they use professional level makeup that will keep you looking fabulous picture after picture. The cost will be well-worth it!

Brides often ask my advice for choosing a makeup artist.  I give them my list of trusted artists and tell them that makeup is a very personal choice.  Some brides are used to wearing makeup everyday and some have never worn anything other than mascara and lip gloss. I ask them to make an appointment with the artist and go for a trial.  Explain or bring in photos of the look you want and see how well the makeup artist follows your direction.  I also advise having the trial in conjunction with a special event or outing.  Nothing is worse than spending money for a makeup trial at 8:00 pm at night and then going home and washing your face before bed.  Often my brides have a trial before their engagement party or bridal shower and get an extra bang for their buck.

If they are worried that their bridesmaids will find the added cost to be a burden, I often tell them it would be a nice bridesmaids gift showing your appreciation for all they’ve done to be part of your special day.  As well, many makeup counters in department stores offer free application with the purchase of some products.  If booked well in advance, this might be another alternative for your more budget-conscious bridesmaid.

Prices typically range from $50 at a makeup counter to $125 for a makeup artist to come to your home or venue.  The more faces, the cheaper it becomes. One last tip:  ask the makeup artist what the extra fee would be to have them with you all day until the reception starts.  That way they are available for touch-ups after you’ve spent hours outside for your portrait session.

For a listing of my trusted artists, please contact me at gkertzman@rogers.com


Makeup by Orly Waldman

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