Colour and Theme Trends for 2015


Colour & Theme Trends for 2015 | Wedding, Mitzvah, Party

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Pantone Colour Trends Spring 2015

Colour is everywhere, and no one knows color better than the colour experts at Pantone. Hot off the heels of Fashion Week, Pantone announced the top colours for Spring 2015. We saw a collection of overall soft hues – a mix of cool and warm, but all subtle. The top 10 colour collection is meant to be minimalistic, going by the name “En Plein Air,” a French expression translating to “in the open air.” The entire palate confirms the notion that colour is a lifestyle, and isn’t merely just for fashion or home decor, but every aspect of a person’s life…including weddings and events!

Pantone Color Trends Spring 2015

Photo: Pantone Color Trend Report 2015

Two shades we’re particularly loving are Aquamarine and Toasted Almond.

Aquamarine Blue

Color Trends 2015 (Wedding, Event, Mitzvah Party) Aquamarine Blue Pantone

Aquamarine channels the icy blues of winter as well as the robin’s egg blue of spring, making it a perfect color for any event. The shade pairs well with white and natural accents.  You can also mix in a pop of color, such as the pink seen above, for an eye-catching effect.

Photo Credits: Colin CowiePinterestFrugal FlowerPamela Roland SketchStyle Me Pretty,Huppahs Blog

Toasted Almond

Color Trends 2015 (Wedding, Event, Mitzvah Party) Toasted Almond (Natural Beige) Pantone

Toasted Almond is a neutral beige hue that transitions well from season to season. The color pairs well with other neutral tones, pops of metallic, or bold complements. Flattering on bridesmaid dresses and easy to accommodate on trendy dessert bars, Toasted Almond is a great color to consider for your next event.

Photo Credits: Project WeddingPinterestThe BerryMisha Nonoo SketchPinterestKara’s Party Ideas

Popular Themes for 2015 & 2016

In addition to colors, Pantone predicts the following themes to gain influence in the coming years.


Butterfly Theme Ideas for a Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Sweet 16 or Party

Symbolizing transformation and new beginnings, butterflies are a perfect theme to reflect the new life and responsibilities of becoming a Bat Mitzvah! Whimsical and feminine with countless vibrant color options, butterflies can be the main focus of your next event or a complement to one of Pantone’s beautiful spring colors.

View more Butterfly Theme Ideas

Photo Credits: Cake by Heather Barranco Dreamcakes, Butterfly Centerpieces from Balloon Artistry, Bouquet and Drink Swizzle Sticks from Martha Stewart


Art Theme  Party Ideas, Bat & Bar Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Artist & Paint Splatter

Another popular theme to look out for will be art-influenced details and decor. Prints and colors are being translated from the art world into everyday application. Paint splatterartist palettes, bold abstract prints and pop art are just some examples of how art can make an appearance at your next event.

Photo Credits: Rainbow Cupcake Display by Craig2Photo (View Full Bat Mitzvah),  Paint Splatter Decor at LIFE the Place To Be, Wedding Shoes from Winter Wonderland Wedding at Capitale NYC, Face Painting at this Masquerade Bat Mitzvah, Paint Splatter Dance Floor from David Tutera.

Which colors and themes are you loving?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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How to Make Your Wedding Speech Utterly Forgettable

This blog post was featured today on the Huffington Post Canada website:


Speeches are an inevitable part of any wedding, and as a wedding planner I can tell you that the best ones are the ones that are quickly forgotten. If, years later, the most memorable part of the wedding is your speech, it means it was terrible. Unless you’re a professional comedian. Which most of you are not.

It’s just a matter of fact that things can go off the rails when egomaniacs get in front of microphones, and the results can mean that your guests are forced to endure awful/inappropriate/coma-inducing speeches that over-shadow the entire affair.

It’s a phenomenon that has never really made much sense to me, given the extensive time, money and planning that goes into a wedding.

A typical reception lasts five hours, with at least half of that time dedicated to toasts, prayers, the first dance, a father-daughter dance, possibly a mother-son dance, the introduction of the head table, usually some sort of ethnic or religious dance/tradition, and the not-at-all-embarrassing bouquet/garter-toss.

With the cost of a DJ or live band for the night, one would think hosts would therefore prefer to keep any additional speeches to a minimum, yet the magnetic pull of the microphone seems to just be too much for most people to resist.

I therefore implore you to think and plan carefully before you reach the podium. Here are some tips to get you started.


  • Keep it short. Three minutes is a good benchmark. If that seems too short, practice first. You’ll see that it’s ideal.
  • If you are the parents of the bride or groom, please make sure you say something nice about your new son/daughter-in-law. This is not the time to brag about your other children’s accomplishments. This is about the newly married couple.
  • Don’t humiliate your new bride. Seems obvious, but if your first-date involved any story relating to your new bride’s menstrual cycle, it is NOT APPROPRIATE for your speech. (True story.)
  • Keep it short.
  • Don’t do “shtick.” It’s a speech, not a play.
  • If you are having speeches before the meal, PLEASE have some food out for snacking. Pickle trays, bread baskets, olives. Anything. The only thing worse than a long, boring speech is being forced to sit through one on an empty stomach.
  • Keep it short.
  • Parents of the bride and groom do not each need to speak separately. Couples can split the time, allowing the evening to move on.
  • PREPARE your speech. I see so many people decide to just wing it, believing that speaking from the heart will be more meaningful and genuine, but it usually just leads to disjointed rambling. Thinking about what you want to say does not negate its sincerity.
  • Preparation will also mean that you can keep to a reasonable (i.e. 3-minute) timeline. One groom was so nervous, he rambled for half an hour.
  • Which brings me to the next, very key point: Keep it short.
  • Emotional speeches are touching and wonderful, but if you know you’re going to lose it, better to deliver the more intense speech at the shower or rehearsal dinner; business associates from your in-laws’ side don’t need to be privy to such personal moments.
  • Have a brief discussion with the other speakers to ensure the guests aren’t forced to hear the same story multiple times.
  • Most importantly – Keep it short!


Let the band earn its fee, and let your guests have a good time. Ideally, the speeches should be the least memorable part of your day.

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A Better Way to Celebrate

I love planning and organizing birthday parties!  Over the years I must have put together dozens of parties for the little ones – each one with a special theme, creative invitations, entertainment, tasty cake and useful loot bags! This year I did something a little different for one of my child’s party.  A while back someone had introduced me to a website called  It’s a website that allows party guests to donate money towards the birthday child’s gift and also give to charity at the same time.  At the time I filed the information away and thought a) I can’t ask guests to give money b) how do I explain to a three year old that she won’t be opening any gifts at her party this year?

Fast forward five years later and I’m planning another birthday celebration.  In fact, I didn’t even want my child to have a party in the first place, since she didn’t need anymore gifts.  Then I remembered Echoage. My daughter had been begging us for an expensive flute for months, and I thought this would be a great way for her to start saving for the instrument.  As well, at her age, she’s able to understand that it’s important to give back to the community too.  I have to say, as a planner I was very impressed with the usability of this website.  Like their motto says, it’s definetly a win, win, win for children, charities and busy parents.  In fact, the concept for the website is brilliant and most impressive, it was created by two moms!

Here’s how it works, first you choose your invitation style, add the details and upload a photo of your child. Next you choose your gift.  Is your child saving to buy a puppy, ipod, or bike?  Half the money contributed by guests is sent to your child to buy any gifts they choose. Third, you select your charity of choice.  Since my daughter loves animals and the environment, she chose to support the World Wildlife Fund. Choices range from the Canadian Diabetes Association to Plan Canada and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Echoage will send half the money raised to the charity.  BONUS: if a guest contributes $30 or more they are eligible to receive a tax receipt!

This is where the website gets neat – the next step includes an online tracker to manage your party. On one screen you can add your guests, send out your evites, share your guest list and add to your calendar.  Once guests begin to respond you are notified via email instantly and can view RSVPs, contributions, birthday wishes and any notes the parents share about their child (ie. allergies).  What I loved about the online tracker is that the program told me the status of the invitation, for example, if it was viewed or not.  In many cases I ended up resending invites with the simple click of a button.  The site even sends out reminders a couple days before the party to all the guests!  Once the party is over the process continues to be user-friendly.  Echoage immediately sends half the funds to the charity and promptly mailed my daugher a cheque, and I’m proud to say she raised over $300 for her charity of choice. Lastly, I was able to quickly send out thank you notes showing our appreciation and letting guests know how much was raised.

I hope in the future the site expands to include Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, Sweet 16s, Weddings, Showers and milestone occasions.

To plan your next echoage party, go to

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Hiring a Makeup Artist for Your Big Day!


My wedding portrait

What was one of the first things I did when I got engaged – called a makeup artist!  I knew exactly who I wanted to do my make-up for my special day and had my eye on her for a couple of years beforehand, ever since she did an excellent job on my sister’s makeup for her prom.  I even switched my wedding day to a week later because she was booked on my original wedding day.  I know this story might sound out-of-the-ordinary, but I know first-hand how make-up can have an everlasting impact on the wedding day.  After all, you want to look fabulous for years to come when you look at those expensive photographs and albums you’ve invested in!

During my initial consultation with brides, I will always ask if they’ve hired  a makeup artists for themselves and the wedding party.  At times, brides tell me that themselves or a friend might do their makeup.  I advise against this and award-winning makeup artist Orly Waldman agrees.  She knows that a professional makeup artist will make your wedding photos gorgeous. Even if you love how you do your makeup, your artist can incorporate your preference and likes!  Makeup may seem like an expense but professional artists don’t just have the skills to make you look better than your best, they use professional level makeup that will keep you looking fabulous picture after picture. The cost will be well-worth it!

Brides often ask my advice for choosing a makeup artist.  I give them my list of trusted artists and tell them that makeup is a very personal choice.  Some brides are used to wearing makeup everyday and some have never worn anything other than mascara and lip gloss. I ask them to make an appointment with the artist and go for a trial.  Explain or bring in photos of the look you want and see how well the makeup artist follows your direction.  I also advise having the trial in conjunction with a special event or outing.  Nothing is worse than spending money for a makeup trial at 8:00 pm at night and then going home and washing your face before bed.  Often my brides have a trial before their engagement party or bridal shower and get an extra bang for their buck.

If they are worried that their bridesmaids will find the added cost to be a burden, I often tell them it would be a nice bridesmaids gift showing your appreciation for all they’ve done to be part of your special day.  As well, many makeup counters in department stores offer free application with the purchase of some products.  If booked well in advance, this might be another alternative for your more budget-conscious bridesmaid.

Prices typically range from $50 at a makeup counter to $125 for a makeup artist to come to your home or venue.  The more faces, the cheaper it becomes. One last tip:  ask the makeup artist what the extra fee would be to have them with you all day until the reception starts.  That way they are available for touch-ups after you’ve spent hours outside for your portrait session.

For a listing of my trusted artists, please contact me at


Makeup by Orly Waldman

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Children in Your Wedding Party

Screaming Flower Girl

This video that’s circulating around the web today, is a good example of what can happen when you include small age children in your wedding party. The key to avoiding this situation is a) don’t include them  or b) plan in advance to try and avoid a similiar meltdown.  While I can give advice to my clients today, over 30 years ago, I was that screaming child!

Just a month before my third birthday, I was to have the honour of being a flower girl at my uncle’s wedding.  Unfortunately, I never made it down the aisle because I had a temper tantrum just before the ceremony.  The only memory I have of this event is a picture taken of my mother as she walked down the aisle.  Needless to say, she didn’t look happy.  My story is not an uncommon one when young children are part of the bridal party.  While children under the age of six can look absolutely adorable, they are often associated with an added stress for the bride and groom.  Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned to help alleviate that stress.

1. Even though it’s nice to include a niece or nephew in your big day, be aware of a child’s limitaitons.  Remember it’s easier to reason with a five-year old, than with a two-year old in the middle of a temper tantrum.

2. Schedule photographs as late in the day as possible. Many young children need an early afternoon nap and without it, they won’t survive the excitment of a long day.

3. Be flexible – anything can happen at the last minute.  If a child chooses not to walk alone, but wants to walk with Mommy or Daddy, so be it.

4. If the child’s parents are walking separately from the child, have someone familiar with them waiting at the end of the aisle in the first row.  It also helps to have a new book or quiet toy waiting for them to entice them down the aisle.

5. Seat children during the ceremony near the exit in case they become noisy or restless and have to exit with a caregiver.

6. At the reception, have a small loot bag of treats waiting at the table. Fill it with dollar-store finds such as activity books, crayons, stickers etc,.  This is a good way to keep the children occupied during the speeches.

7. Most importantly, remember to order children-friendly meals.  A hungry child, is a cranky child.

8.  If there are a number of babies in your immediate family, try to set up a quiet room with a portable crib and change station.  Hire a babysitter, so that parents can enjoy themselves.

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Welcome to my new website!

Thank you for visiting my new and improved website!  I’m excited to have a new outlet to showcase my work and the special moments of my wonderful clients.

I love what I do and I hope my passion for parties comes through in my website and writing. I look forward to sharing with all of you many more interesting tidbits from the world of party planning!